Valcartier Camp as of Aug. 31, 1914

This is a list of Militia units and Officers present at Valcartier on August 31, 1914. It’s derived from a number of sources, the most important being information compiled in Valcartier Camp Order No. 241 on September 2nd and 3rd. It was a Provisional list and does not reflect the final configuration of the First Canadian Contingent when it left for England at the beginning of October. This list is a work in progress so if you are able to provide corrections or additions please let me know.

Most but not all Militia units and officers were in camp by the end of August 1914. I’ve included arrival dates and bolded the names of units & individuals  that were in camp according to contemporary newspaper reports and regimental histories. Unbolded entries do not imply they weren’t in camp, just that I’ve yet to find a source confirming their presence on that day. Notably absent are Lt-Col. Arthur W Currie who left Victoria on August 27 and was en-route to Valcartier, and Major John McCrae who did not return to Canada from England until September 4.

Below you’ll find a read-only Excel Workbook that you can download or view in Excel Online. I will update it when I receive new information so please leave a comment below or contact me. The Excel Workbook includes three spreadsheets listing Infantry Brigades & Battalions, Other Units and Officers.

The sources used to compile this list include Appendix 84 and 85 in The Canadian Forces in the Great War 1914-1919 (11mb PDF), The Quarterly Militia List June 1914, Regimental Histories, and various editions of The Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto World and the British Colonist via Google News.

Note: to view high-resolution images and to participate please visit the Valcartier Crowdsourcing Project page.

Tip: for easier viewing click the right-most icon in the black footer bar below. This will open the workbook in its own window.

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