Links for Spectrum School

BCO – British Colonist Online Edition
DOB – Doing Our Bit (my website)
CWGC – Commonwealth War Graves Commission
ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross
LAC – Library and Archives Canada
McMaster – McMaster University
UBC – University of British Columbia
VPL – Vancouver Public Library

Soldier Service Files:
(LAC) Personnel Records of the First World War
(LAC) Abbreviations Used in Service Files
(LAC) Digitization Blog
(DOB) Service File Estimates & Updates

Researching Units of the CEF:
(DOB) Researching the Canadian Expeditionary Force (Sources Relating to Units of the CEF)
(DOB) WW1 Canadian Reference Books (Regimental Histories & Memoirs)
(DOB) Trench Journals at LAC: The Canadian Machine Gunner

Nominal Rolls:
(DOB) Nominal Rolls of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Unit War Diaries:
(DOB) Improvements to Viewing Canadian War Diaries at LAC

Maps & Aerial Photographs:
(McMaster) WW1 Trench Maps and Aerial Photographs (home page)
(McMaster) Place Name & Trench Name Search / Visual Search
(National Library of Scotland) British First World War Trench Maps, 1915-1918

Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
(CWGC) Home page
(CWGC) Advanced Search

Canadian Virtual War Memorial:
(Veterans’ Affairs Canada) Home page

Newspaper Archives:
(BCO) The British Colonist Online Edition 1858-1951
(UBC) BC Historical Newspapers

City Directories:
(VPL) British Columbia City Directories 1860-1955

Prisoners of War:
(ICRC) Prisoners of the First World War, the ICRC Archives

Courts Martial:
(LAC) Courts Martial of the First World War

Oral Histories
(DOB) In Their Own Words: Oral Histories as a Research Tool

Specialist Websites:
The Canadian Letters & Images Project
Lives of the First World War
Saanich Remembers
(DOB) Links to other WW1 Resources

Genealogy Websites: |